Beauty in Security

About Ferox

Ferox started as a way of pursuing what I love - hacking.

I've always had a passion for curiosity and a burning desire to know. This curiosity, happily married with a yearning to press large red buttons I shouldn't, has in the past got me into some hot water. However, it has also given me the knowledge and capability to meaningfully help others.

Information security is no longer confined to the bedrooms of 80's kids. It's shed its cool persona, and now has a vapid corporate reach extending its greasy fingers firmly into the mainstream. Cyber security is harassing the public consciousness to death with scare stories of Russian hackers and teens destroying countries.

The truth is, hacking is a marvellous joy of puzzles, secrets, mysteries, and code. It's something every business needs, and it's something Ferox can provide.

Ferox Security offers an outstanding array of services. The driving force of my love for this profession can be at your fingertips. We provide extraordinary cyber security solutions, with a bespoke, personal approach to help your business.

We don't provide off-the-shelf products, but tailor our services to the specific needs of your business. If that sounds like what you need, contact us.

- Solomon Gilbert, Owner